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Good Choice Range?

I am not a takeaway fan. Usually. But being on night shift changes everything. Although I know I could and should have prepared a healthy meal far faster than my pizza was delivered I decided to give the Domino’s Good Choice Range a try tonight. Their single-serve pizzas are all less than 400 calories and have pretty low levels of fat, sugar and salt compared to other takeout choices (see nutritional info)

Here’s the picture they have on their website, it looked pretty good:


Once I got over the disappointment that the delivery man wouldn’t bring the pizza to my armchair I opened the box and here was what I found:


In case you can’t tell, I chose the BBQ Chicken & Mushroom Ciabatta Pizza with chicken, mushroom, fresh tomato, onion and pineapple and barbecue sauce. It looked like someone had wolfed the pizza down and regurgitated it back into the box but fortunately it didn’t taste like it.

When I read that it had a ciabatta base I expected it to be soft and chewy, like ciabatta bread but the base was thin and crispy. There was a decent amount of toppings and it didn’t taste as greasy and heavy as pizza often does but I still wouldn’t describe it is very ‘nice’ and at $14.90 it certainly wasn’t cheap. Next time I’m tired and tempted to buy takeaway I think I’ll just look at the picture above and I won’t need any more motivation to get back in the kitchen! Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that your own food is actually pretty good.

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Extreme Hydration?

I thought I’d share something with you that I tried for the first time today – coconut water. I’ve seen it online, in the health food stores and endorsed by celebrities. I’m not one to try something just because Madonna and Demi Moore have been snapped with it, but was intrigued anyway.

Coconut water is just the liquid inside young coconuts. The Beyond Coconut Website says that coconut water hydrates faster than water and is all natural. It is also high in potassium, fat-free, free of added sugar and lower in acid than sports/soft drink. I’m no athlete so I’m pretty sure I don’t need the electrolytes it contains but thought I’d give it a go for something different.

I picked up a bottle this morning and saved it for after my interval-training workout to see if it lived up to the hype. The taste wasn’t quite what I was expecting and the water was a little thicker than I anticipated too, but it was very cool and refreshing. I drank this bottle after a few glasses of water and still needed more after so I wouldn’t say that it quenched my thirst but it had a pure, clean taste and I felt a lot better about drinking it than if I had drunk a diet-soft drink or bottled juice. At $4 for a 300mls I definitely won’t be having it often but it might become a summer-time, shopping day treat.

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