Great for quick, healthy week night dinner ideas. The recipe search function lets you search by ingredient, course, dietary requirements or occasion. This makes it really useful if you have a specific ingredient in mind that you want to use.
Thousands of recipes submitted and rated by cooks all around the world. I like to search by recipe popularity when choosing dishes to cook for a crowd. I found all my favourite go-to cake recipes on this site.

Healthy Living Blogs

Free work out videos streamed live to the comfort of your lounge. Good for when you feel like doing some exercise but it’s raining outside or getting to the gym seems too hard.
This site is great for building a strength-training programme. Exercises are listed by the muscle group that they work. Each exercise is demonstrated by a short cartoon video and a description is given to help you achieve correct form. There’s the option of either putting together your own routines or sample routines are provided for all levels of fitness. You can download the app and take it to the gym to easily record your weight training sets, reps and weights. As well as logging your workouts, you can also track your weight, BMI and measurements.

The Women’s Health Magazine has a database of workouts for both in and out of the gym. Some have videos that you can download onto your ipod and take to the gym with you.

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