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Carbonation Levels May Vary

See this trail of damp spots across the carpet?…


Turns out I should have read the label before deciding to shake my drink. There was a bit of sediment on the bottom and I thought I would mix it in. Bad idea. The part where it says it is carbonated might have warned me about the huge explosion of bubbles that sent me running towards the door.

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I tried another another drink from ieProduce, a health store nearby, today. Other bloggers have written about how delicious some kombucha teas are and they are meant to have lots of health benefits so I thought it would be a good, healthful treat for another sunny, spring day.

Once I got past the off-putting colour and the explosion of fizz on my carpet, this drink was really nice! Wikipedia tells me kombucha tea is made by fermenting tea. The slight yeasty taste vaguely reminded me of home-made ginger beer.


If you check out the label (above), you’ll see that kombucha tea supposedly has many health benefits but I can’t find any scientific studies with evidence to support this. Apparently drinking this tea can actually be harmful to some people so with no proven benefits maybe it should be avoided? Shame it tastes so good – price rather than caution will probably stop me from buying it again.

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